Meet Your Coach

Presently, all ClackFit sessions are designed and led by our founder, fitness pioneer Yusuf Clack!


Yusuf’s passion is infectious.

He’s fired up about everything fitness, what it means to our lives AND to our loved ones.

The only thing he’s more interested in than fitness is YOU, as a person.

He doesn’t act like he wants to know about you. He’s genuinely curious about your individual path and all the moving parts that need to align in order for you to GET RESULTS.

Everything done within the context of ClackFit is about improving the SYSTEM of you, not an isolated component called ‘fitness.’

There’s no such thing.

Our whole focus at ClackFit is on “building” not breaking. If you want to get dressed down “drill sergeant-style” during your workout, this program is not for you.

  • Insults are not tolerated.
  • Success is celebrated.
  • Egos checked at the door.

This is about your body, becoming more youthful, more powerful, with better definition to boot. Because who doesn’t need a little more sexy in their life?

As ClackFit hires more coaches you can BET that only those trainers who share our values and passion will make the cut.

Live or work in San Jose? For a limited time YOU have the opportunity for some personalized fitness help, no charge, no strings — just a direct connection with Yusuf.

That’s awesome! Simply enter your info to Kickstart your fitness now: (Currently open to all San Jose residents or employees.)

About Myron DemGainz

Myron is a fun loving, well read individual that doesn't take himself too seriously. He loves fitness, family, and fun. On the weekends you'll catch him rolling around local farmer's markets in his favorite tank top, sporting the phrase: "Sun's Out, Guns Out."


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